Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First post

I know I am being original here. A lot of people blog, and I never thought I would, but here I am. Maybe someone will want to read it. I hope to be posting more photos here or at least links to photos I have taken. My first and trusty digital camera, the Casio QV-R40 has decided it does not want to work with a memory card inserted. That thing took pretty good photos. Now I am on a quest for a new small point and shoot. I think I am going to get the new (yet to be released) Canon SD1100 IS, probably in blue, maybe the brown. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. I really enjoy taking photos. I have not been the best at cataloging them or posting them for others to see. So I thought maybe along with blogging, it might help me get that more organized.

Right now, I also have extra time on my hands since I am not working due to a broken wrist. I broke my wrist on January 17th, 2008, snowboarding at Mt Hood Meadows for our two year anniversary. I have not been able to do much since then and my truly amazing partner, K, has been awesome in helping me do the things I cannot do. Typing has been very difficult and is still not easy with the brace on and mild amounts of pain. I am not supposed to do much with my hand yet and I am also supposed to use pain as my guide. So instead of babbling more, I am going to attempt to get some of my photos organized and posted.